Besides the services proviced (logistics & customs), DELTA 4 offers space for rent, for dry cargo storage, in its premises. Thereby, we give the opportunity to the customer to manage their products with their own personnel, allowing them to operate in the best preferable way.  

As a company, we build around the needs and individualities of our customers. This way, either you choose the specialized staff of DELTA 4 to manage your goods, or your own, the choice is yours

Along with renting warehouse space, DELTA 4 enables its customers to rent additional office space. Located in a brand new, autonomous, specially designed office building, in the same complex as the warehouses, they cover a 1.500m2 surface area. Some of the main advantages of this building, are its fully equipped meeting/presentation room, as well as an integrated networking system in every room that is connected to a specially designed area (control room), where your electronic equipment can be installed.

The package of renting services that we offer, includes the following:

  • Security guard on a 24hr basis
  • Power supply 
  • Water supply 
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Taxes - Fees
  • Warehouse manager
  • Facilities' maintainer 
  • Secretarial support 
  • Forklifts (clark) - Pallet Trucks
  • Safety technician 
  • Collection - Disposal of industrial waste
  • Substation maintenance
  • Cesspit evacuation 
  • Water coolers 
  • Cleaning - Supplies - Miscellaneous 

The advantages to be gained by this form of cooperation, are: 

  • Utilization of the storage space by an additional 20%, due to the warehouse's height 
  • Selection of space with or without shelves 
  • Parking space for trucks & container
  • Manpower available by hourly charge 
  • Office space (if available) 
  • Fully equipped catering area for employees and truck drivers 
  • Specially designed area (control room) for electronic equipment installation 
  • Provision of telephone lines
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