DELTA 4 pays special attention to the security of personnel, facilities and goods of its clients from fire, using measures such as passive fire protection, active fire protection and firefighting. Even during the design of the facilities, special measures to minimize the risk of fire were taken.

More precisely:

  • Warehouses, which belong to the category Z3 from the point of fire protection, are contractually independent and are built at a specific distance from each other.
  • Every warehouse is divided to 3 independent fire apartments.
  • The contractual integrity of the fire apartments is guaranteed by the structure of all the surrounding components and existing components made of reinforced concrete. The covers of reinforce provide the 90 minutes indicator of fire resistance.
  • The fire partitioning is completed with the facility of fireproof manholes and fire shutters. Especially, the fire shutters have the possibility of automatically controlled release (closure) getting the command from the panel of fire detection.
  • The passive fire protection is obtained by means of expanded network of fire detectors of beam type in the areas of high danger and by conventional fire detectors in areas of low danger. The measures of active fire protection are completed by the installation of manual fire alarm button and by the installation of emergency luminary and hand fire extinguisher.
  • The firefighting consists of denser network (raster 2mX2m) of sprinklers and independent network of fire nests’ supply. The firefighting pumping station is situated at the absolutely independent and unassailable for fire place, where in case of emergency the proper handling could be done absolutely safely. The independent Firefighting Pumping stations for sprinklers and fire nests’ supply were installed. The firefighting pumping station, which obtains water tank of 150 m2 of water, is the beginning of independent canals for the network of sprinklers of any fire apartment and for the network of fire nests in each warehouse.
  • All cables of High Voltage run out of the warehouses, but only the important network for the electronic equipment’s feeding is placed inside. Additionally, the warehouses’ electrical installation was settled in a way, which provides complete disconnection of the High Voltage net inside the warehouse, when there isn’t anybody of personnel there, so it minimizes the risk of fire due to short circuit. Of course, the feeding of systems and emergency luminaries is not interrupted.
  • The clarks’ charging of batteries is fulfilled at the places, which were provided outside of the warehouses.
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