DELTA 4, as the core of its whole integrated system, uses a very powerful and comprehensive tool, the ERP. The system is directly linked to the rest of the installed information technology systems and is being constantly updated with all the necessary information, in real time. It manages and coordinates all the operations and procedures of each company, as well as any type of its resources.

At the same time, the ERP provides complete solutions for better and more efficient management and programming of resources, hence allowing the company to operate synchronized and as a whole, guided by the information provided by its environment.

ERP’s structure consists of all the important modules of a company such as:Finance, Sales, Marketing, Storage and Distribution, Development etc.

Important benefits of implementing an ERP are:

  • Collection of data from the main company’s facets into one single system.
  • Correct and pervasive information throughout the whole company.
  • Acceleration of information’s transmission through the company and opportunity to inform customers in real time.
  • Executives have integrated information that results to proper management of the resources and the correct coordination of company’s activities and practices.
  • Greater flexibility to the response on customers’ needs and greater accuracy of the order’s fulfillment.
  • Increase of productivity and efficiency.
  • Minimization of errors and delays.
  • Execution of deliveries as fast and cheap as possible.
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