DELTA 4, having the necessary experience and expertise and wanting to go one step further in providing logistics services, offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the new technologies of electronic commerce (e-commerce).

We are able to assist you in all the spectrum of services, whether you have your own online store (e-shop), or not.

In the first case we undertake the interconnection of your online store with the required systems of DELTA 4. In the second one, we design and implement your personal e-shop, connecting it with our software and even train your staff to the new technologies. Aiming to provide complete solutions for our clients, we provide insight and we support your new online store, with after sales support.

The benefits that will result from your collaboration with DELTA 4 through e-commerce, are numerous. Since, we will be managing your goods on a daily basis and furthermore, we will be familiar with your company's philosophy, we are your best choice for combining logistics and e-commerce. Generally, the advantages that you will gain by choosing us, are the following:

  • Fully automated processes.
  • Drastic reduction in customer service time, due to automated and accelerated procedures.
  • Better and faster communication with the customers, since they will have direct access to the information provided by DELTA 4.
  • Flexibility, in relation with the hours of service.
  • Inventory and order status at any time and from anywhere (real time).
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