DELTA 4 as one of the best 4PL providers is committed to the continued provision of quality services according to the requirements and expectations of its customers against unexpected events and emergency situations, safeguarding its value and corporate reputation.

We invest in state of the art technological equipment, to speed up the delivery process and maximize storage safety levels, in order to guarantee the excellence of our services.

As a company we pay great attention to the control and maintenance. For this reason there is a strict and thorough maintenance program for all the buildings, forklifts and mechanical equipment and a specialized supervisor who stands by 24hrs a day.

The computerized system is supported by a qualified staff for any issue that may arise.

Also, the warehouses and offices complex is equipped with a generator that meets the needs of the company in case of discontinuance or failure of electricity.

Briefly, human resources are trained and aware of the policy of DELTA 4 and its sensitivity to the BCM. As a result they have the readiness to overcome any obstruction. This business continuity plan is also ensured by the job-rotation training program applied in which there are backup scenarios to cover every job position.

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