DELTA 4 in pursuit of maximum satisfaction of customer needs, takes actions continuously in order to optimize the quality of its services.

The dynamic environment in which the company operates the last 15 years, along with the experience and the expertise (know-how) that has acquired on customs matters, made DELTA 4 eligible and capable to be certified as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), creating added values for both itself and for its customers.

The institution of ‘Authorized Economic Operator’ (AEO), was implemented in all European Union countries since 1st January 2008.

According to the provisions of the European Community Law, the Authorized Economic Operator benefits from:

  • From simplifications provided under the customs legislation and/or
  • Facilitations for customs controls, relating to security & safety.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that on 23/12/2013 DELTA 4 was granted with the Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (GR AEOF 00201504113 Customs Simplifications/ Security & Safety) effective since 23/12/2013 and meets (according to Article 5a of the Community Customs Code, Reg. 2913/92) the following criteria:

  • Appropriate record of Customs compliance
  • Appropriate record – keeping standards that facilitate customs controls.
  • Proven financial reliability and
  • Appropriated security & safety standards.

Among the main benefits of an Authorized Economic Operator are the following:


  1. Easier access to customs simplifications
  2. Fewer physical and documentary checks
  3. Priority of control issues of goods
  4. Selection of the place performing controls are conducted
  5. Reduced data set for brief declarations
  6. Notification prior to the arrival of the goods
  7. Mutual recognition in future bilateral agreements between the European Union and 3rd countries.
  8. Recognition of the Authorized Economic Operator as secure business partner.
  9. Other Indirect Benefits

Benefits for customers

It is obvious that the Certification of Authorized Economic Operators for DELTA 4 has significant benefits for its customers, as the quality of customs services is improved considerably, regarding the time needed for handling customs matters as well as for executing it.

  • Simplification of procedures
  • Planning improvement
  • Significant reduction of time
  • Reduce delays of shipment of goods due to bureaucracy
  • Absolute safety of management/movement of goods
  • Limitation of the thefts and losses
  • Absolute protection of data and information

DELTA 4 having a great experience in providing Logistics and Customs Clearance services, aims at its constant evolution, always meeting the unique needs of its customers on the whole, finding advanced solutions and providing it daily, at a 4th party logistics (4PL) level.

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